TWC-NV Controller


The TWC-NV is the worthy successor to Tucor’s powerful and flexible TWC Flowmaster line, still based on Tucor’s proven 2-wire technology. The NV continues all of the irrigation control concepts and features of the TWC, and adds a number of enhancements; it takes advantage of significant improvements in modern electronics technology; and it is encased in a robust NEMA housing. It is directly compatible with all TWC components.

The TWC-NV requires only 2-wires to control up to 200 valves, up to 7 miles away. This remarkable feat is accomplished by connecting a uniquely-addressed decoder to the 2-wire path; the decoder is also connected to the valve. Turning on the decoder then turns on the valve: up to ten at the same time!

Feedback, flow control, alarm functions, and Excel-based reporting features are unsurpassed. Remote control options add functionality and convenience. The –C option includes a built-in telephone modem. Free “RMS” Windows-based software makes controller remote operations and programming changes a breeze.

The NV is available in four sizes: 50, 100, 150, and 200 decoders. Upgrades are easily performed using only the controller via software keycodes.

TWC-NV Spec Sheet (PDF) >>

PB-RFA-100V3 Remote Field Access Unit

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