Total Cycle Management

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Total Cycle Management

Total Cycle Management proactively uses a combination of weather data and soil moisture sensors/probes to provide the most comprehensive and accurate irrigation scheduling available on the market today.  Proactively using both soil moisture and weather data results in the most accurate, cross referenced irrigation scheduling possible. By using both data sets and “ground truthing” your traditional ET calcs via soil moisture sensors you will precisely replenish just the water your plant material actually needs and no more. This unique approach leads to incremental water conservation and optimal plant health.

Prior to the development of the Total Cycle Management Solution, irrigation systems provided water demand estimates via soil moisture or weather data – not both.  Each of these estimation methods has drawbacks when used alone. For example, soil moisture sensors may not be practical for projects with inconsistent soil types. Weather stations, on the other hand, do not measure or take into account the soil’s current water content.  Scheduling irrigation based on climate conditions alone with no feedback loop to cross check the current soil moisture conditions leaves out a vital part of the equation. By combining these two monitoring technologies – along with the Tucor smart controllers – Total-Cycle Management provides you with the most water use efficient irrigation scheduling available today.

Total Cycle Manager web-based software

With the Tucor Total Cycle Manager web-based monitoring and control software, you can manage real time flow, adjust programs, track alarms and review the entire network to spot leaks, breaks or plugged nozzles from any web connected computer or mobile device.

Total Cycle Management Brochure